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Västanvik Skrikgärdsvägen 5, 793 92 Leksand, Schweden

A short drive to the lake and five minutes later, the SEALANDER weighs in a gentle swell. Cook with the top down and lunch on the sandbank. As the last person on the water, when warm summer rain patter on the shell of the SEALANDER.

No, this perfect excursion does not exist. Only the feeling when everything is right. When the sun falls through the panoramic windows. When the stars pull over the open top.

The SEALANDER accompanies you as a reliable companion. On land, it is a retreat, bedroom and cooking area. On the water, he becomes a bathing island, a time of relaxation.

In the evening, the benches become a spacious bed-and-breakfast. With a closed sundeck the SEALANDER transforms into a safe shelter from wind and weather.



Would you like to rent the SEALANDER?
No problem!
You have the option of using your own car or our rental car (500 SEK/day) 
The SEALANDER is stationed here in Leksand, Sweden. You will get a map to discover the best spots here in Dalarna.

Price from 2`000 SEK


The SEALANDER is a flexible caravan, that can be used both on land and on water. It can be connected to just about any car as a cozy travel trailer. And with the help of an outboard engine, it funtions as a small engine boat out on the water.
Good to know : To use the SEALANDER you do not need any extra license, neither for camping- trailer use on land or boat use on water.



We are Claire & Patrik


We believe that holidays in Sweden are perfect for finding the silence and tranquility that will make you arrive.


In the middle of breathtaking forests and in the face of soothing lakes, you will not only experience wellness for the body, but also for the mind.

Away from everyday stress, cell phone ringing and traffic noise, you embark on an adventure of a special kind. Here you travel away from the stress and arrive in you!

Making your stay as comfortable as possible is our goal. You can feel at home here and experience Sweden in its most beautiful form. Do not hesitate and get in touch with us!


We look forward to you!


In 2016, we emigrated to the wonderful heart of Sweden. Here in Leksand we found what we were always looking for.

Do you have a question about the SEALANDER, or would like to know something before you book?